Caviation Removal 

Cavitation Removal

Dr. George is proud to offer cavitation removal and detection for patients wishining to resolve underlying medcial conditions. Dr. George has been educated as a certified biological dentist in the detection and removal of cavitation sites from the renowned IAOMT, IABDM, Dr. Blanche Grube, Dr. Phil Mollica, and Dr. Judson Wall.  Our team is familar with the use of EAV accupunture and Meridians* to detect the effects of cavitation sites and body systems. 

 *Additional Service to standard exams


 What Is A Cavitation?

A cavitation site is recognized by advanced biological dentists as an area of dead bone in the jaw containing toxins. The scientific name of a dental cavitation is NEURALGIA-INDUCING CAVITATIONAL OSTEONECROSIS (NICO). 

A cavitation is very commonly found after the removal of adult teeth where healing did not occur due to remaining infected PDL ligament or bone infection being left behind. These cavitation sites in the jaw can possibly contribute to serious chronic infection or illness. 

Where are cavitation’s commonly found?
Wisdom teeth extraction areas with poor healing and dry sockets are typical of showing cavitation areas with meridians testing. 

Do all cavitations cause pain?
No, only NICO (neuralgia-inducing cavitation osteonecrosis) cause pain. There are many cavitations that do not relate to the symptom of pain but can be attributed to a system illness instead. 

How does Dr. George detect Cavitations?
Dr. George will use a combination of a 3D x-ray scan (CBCT) and Bio-Scan Results to diagnose a caviation site. Based on the severity of the caviation site, we will determine the best route for treatment; non-invasive treatments vs. surgical removal. We will be able to show you the possible connection of cavitation sites with the Bio-Scan Meridian Stress Assessment*. 

*Additional Service to standard exams


The cavitation surgery process follows these protocols:

  • Scan with our high-quality 3D-CBCT
  • Meridians Stress Assessment or Thermography to see the relation to the whole body in co-ordination with a medical practioner
  • Oral Vitamin C Supplementation 1-2 weeks before and after the procedure with extra body hydration
  • Blood draw for plasma platelet graft
  • Minimize trauma to the bone around the tooth by using instruments that are thinner and lighter than typical dental tools
  • Remove all bacteria and infected tissue from the site by using iodine, ozone and cleaning tools
  • Use buffered anesthetics with acupuncture spot massage to stop burning feeling of the shot
  • Clean PDL ligaments and infected bone to promote a healthy EAV reading
  • Use numbing agent that has the least amount of epinephrine to promote healthy blood flow
  • Use most biological bone graft material to prevent inflammation and rejection. The PRF is made from the patient’s blood factors and Tricalcium Phosphate
  • Use ozone gas to get a jumpstart on the healing process and kill bacteria
  • Provide a clean environment for mouth to heal with good hygiene, clean products, proper nutrition, and homeopathic medicine.

By following this procedure list, we have found the healing process happens quicker with the least amount of pain. 


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