Dr. George’s Philosophy

My passion in health, nutrition, and excellent dentistry has led me to serve my patients in a unique manner. I provide biological, holistic, cosmetic, restorative and general dentistry. 


Mercury Safe Dentistry

Protocols and equipment are in place for the removal of mercury and other toxic materials from the mouth.

Integrative Dentistry

Discover holistic approaches for treatment while being non-invasive to achieve optimal whole body health

Biocompatibility Testing

Our materials are selected based on compatibility of each person’s health condition. Mercury-free, BPA free and Fluoride free alternatives.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

With the use of homeopathic remedies, ozone therapy and lasers treatment is conservative as possible.

Our Broad Range of Services Include:


Cosmetic Dentistry


Pediatric Dentistry




Ozone Treatment


Tongue Tie Release


Is your office mercury-free?
Yes, we only use selective composite and porcelain material. We will and never have used mercury for fillings.
What Precautions do you take when removing mercury amalgam filings?
We are SMART certified through the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology which indicates they follow very strict protocols in removing mercury fillings to keep you safe from mercury vapor exposure. We use a rubber damn, high speed suction, mercury vapor collector, and nose-pieces with breathing air.
Is there any special rinsing provided during and after amalgam removal?
Yes, we use a combination of supplements to aid in detoxing the mouth during treatment. However, we recommend consulting with a specialist for further detoxification.
Is there a particular sequence for removal of amalgam fillings that is followed?
Yes there is, to keep you safe from any reactions the doctor will evaluate what is the priority and will map out a safe sequence for your amalgam removal. Approved amalgameter’s are used to determine these currents.
Is your office fragrance free?
Yes because we do not use any artificial fragrances, deodorizers or cleaners, but we do use pure essential oils for cleaning and diffusing. Please let use know if you have any specific sensitivities.
Do you offer Ozone Therapy in your office?
Yes, we offer ozone therapy in its’ three forms; water, oil and gas depending on the procedure and therapies needed.
Will you recommend a root canal?
Depending on the situation we may be able to avoid a root canal all together. If not the doctor will review with you your options using your health history as a guide for their recommendations so you can make an informed decision.
Will you find infections in my root canals?
We are equipped with digital technology that will enable us to see infections in the bone and identify the pathogens when a root canal treated tooth is removed.
Do you offer alternatives to antibiotics and nontoxic alternatives to pain meds?
Yes we are strong believers in the use of supplements, natural antibiotics and homeopathy. However, we will always prescribe traditional antibiotics in the presence of acute infections and traditional pain medications for precautions.
How much will this cost?
Because every tooth is different, it is hard to predict the treatment needed without evaluating the entire mouth and body connection. We provide the highest quality of dental care and are NOT cheap.
Does your office use fluoride?
We understand that fluoride is toxic and have eliminated it from every product in the the office. Including our polishing pastes, bonds and cements.



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